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"...more than anything, I want her to know that her past is a part of her story she could not control, but her future can be anything she wants it to be.”


Since she was just a teenager, Ashley Banion knew that she would some day adopt a baby. Adoption was always something she felt called to do. She wasn’t sure where this feeling was coming from or why she felt it, but in the summer of 2017, she would finally have some of the answers she had been praying for.


A Beautiful Moon Waiting is a story about Ashley and her high school sweetheart, Vince, and their journey through international adoption. It is a true roller coaster ride, with ups and downs and twists and turns all along the way. This story is filled with excitement, joy, and love, with a touch of sorrow, grief, and heartbreak, truly drawing at every possible emotion.


Ashley will talk about her experience of dealing with anxiety and depression, and how she was able to conquer those demons that tried to destroy her during her journey to meet her beautiful daughter, Everly.


There will be moments when you laugh out loud and moments that have you reaching for the tissue box. Ashley very candidly shares her story of becoming a first-time mom in a foreign country and learning on the fly, a sentiment that can be shared with any first-time parent.


“...sometimes a stormy sky can be beautiful, but even when it’s not, remember that once those storm clouds roll out, there is always a beautiful moon waiting.

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