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A Small Update

Hey everyone! We just have a quick update for those who have been asking...

So we cannot and do not wish to say a lot here. In the adoption world, there is a lot of privacy and different things we are allowed to say and not say and we sometimes have to figure out what is appropriate and what should probably not be put out there. So we will do our best to update everyone with as many details as we feel comfortable giving out.

We have been informed by our agency that there have been a couple babies born over the last several days and there are several upcoming due dates as well. At this time they do not know which babies will qualify for USA and which will go to Canada. Quick reminder-in order to qualify for US adoption, there can only be one parent (mom) listed on the family registry/birth certificate, along with a few other stipulations such as income and such. One of these babies was just born and should be released to Baby Life's custody early next week...we do not know yet if this baby will qualify for will depend on the family situation. At this time we are praying and hoping that no matter what happens, the birth family feels peace and comfort with whatever decision is made. At the same time it is hard not to hope and pray this little one is ours, but we feel the most important thing is that it works out in the best interest of the family and the baby.

One thing we love about this program is that birth moms get to have a say in where their babies get placed. Some request that there be a certain religion in the household, a certain number of children, or even for a family to have Japanese heritage if at all possible. Some babies have skipped over us because of certain circumstances beyond our control, but that is okay. It does sting, but at the same time, we are just happy that the birth family is comfortable and at peace with their decision and that these precious little ones are with the best possible families for them. Our time will come...(we hope)! ;) We have been so close for so long, but we feel it is working out exactly how it is supposed to; we may not understand why it is unfolding the way it is at this time, but we just hope our time is getting close. We are both mentally and emotionally has been a long and emotional five months now.

While we wait, we have been keeping busy with trips to John Bryan State Park, the reservoir, enjoying 4th of July fireworks, and spending time with family and friends. School is fast approaching, which means cheerleading is getting underway after the fair this week, golf will be in full force for Vince very soon, and we have been getting plans ready for the new school year.

Thank you all for your continued support...our family and friends have been amazing. And a special shout out to the ladies I have personally been in contact with in the Faith Japan program. You ladies have kept me going and have kept me strong. Vince and I thank you all for checking in on us and for your kind words of encouragement. You ladies rock!!! Until next time...

Fourth of July

Adventures with the pups...just missing our Stormy boy, but he was there in spirit...I could feel him right beside us.

Spending quality time with the horses...

Much needed day of relaxation at my grandma's house...

Eating at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Yamato, and eating at a new ice cream a beautiful sunset we saw outside the movie theater after watching a's the small things in life. :)

The finished nursery just waiting on its little human! :)

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