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March is Here

Happy March everyone! Well, I know I promised a post a month, but it's only March 3, and really, if February had 31 days, then I would have kept my promise, but it is what it is.

January felt as if it was eighty-two days long, and February felt like a day and a half long. How does that happen? February is always a busy month, and this year was no exception.

February is an important month to our family. Everly's first momma was born in this month, and we spent the day reflecting and thinking about her. We send beautiful thoughts into the universe, hoping she can feel them a half a world away. I pray nearly every night that she is doing well and that she knows how wonderful Everly is doing and that we could not love her more, but my prayers are more intense and desperate during the months of February, May (Everly's birth month), and July and August (the months that must have been the hardest for her).

We also finished our basketball season and cheerleading is at the finish line. This is always bittersweet for me. Don't get me wrong, I am always ready for a break by the time February ends, but I also really enjoy going to games and watching my girls cheer on the sidelines. Losing seniors every year never gets easier. We have one last week of practices and our State competition Sunday, March 10, and then our season comes to an end.

Everly has been busy brand repping for a few small shops and has been her sassy self in front of the camera. We also had a super cute Valentine's photoshoot. Every single time I look at her, I cannot believe how blessed we are to be her parents. She is more than we ever dreamed of.

Everly went to her first dance with Daddy. She had a blast dancing and jumping after the lights on the floor and playing with balloons. It was hard not to sneak in and watch...good thing Daddy took pics and videos. It had me thinking about the future and how quickly it is all going by. It reminded me to breathe it all in and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of growing up quickly, Everly is currently almost 35 inches tall and 25 pounds. She is babbling more, and her favorite words and phrases are "go," "no," "let go," "Bob" (for Puppy Dog Pals), "Mum" (instead of Mama), "dog," "yeah." As you can see, she has personality for days and seems to be almost fourteen instead of two. She LOVES horses and unicorns, along with dogs and cats. She loves "Puppy Dog Pals," "Spirit," "Beat Bugs," "Super Monsters," "Bubble Guppies," and "Fancy Nancy."She enjoys reading with mommy and daddy and playing with anything and everything she can find. She is a daredevil for sure...she loves climbing on everything and jumping back down. Good thing Mommy and Daddy are never too far behind so we can catch her. Her favorite foods are about the same as they have always been, but rice, mac n' cheese, pasta, and broccoli are her current favorites.

So March is here, which means the days will get longer and the sun will (hopefully) start shining more as the weather warms up. We will get to go outside more and enjoy the cool spring breeze. And even though I am beyond ready for warmer weather, we are enjoying the moment. That's what these last three years have taught not rush through life, because too soon we will blink and this journey will be nearing the end. So even though we are longing for nicer weather, we are enjoying our snow days and every single moment of this ride called life.

I'll see you at the end of March! I'll be 35 years old and it will officially be spring time in Ohio!

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