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Next Stop...Summer

It's May! You know what that means, right? It is almost summer and I haven't updated the blog in over a, here is a little summary of the last couple months.

In March, I turned 35...35?!?! Wow...I still feel 25. Time can really slow down any time now. We had an eventful spring break...the very first day of break, Everly woke up with a horribly high fever and a cough. We took her to urgent care and of course she had the flu. So we spent the whole week taking care of her, staying inside, and cleaning everything. Luckily, Vince and I did not get it, somehow. She was still in a decent mood even though we knew she felt crummy. She hated the medicine we had to force down her and just could not get comfy at night. We let her sleep with us because we were terrified she would choke on her drainage at night. So Mommy and Daddy did not get much sleep. It was a very long week.

April came, and with that came state testing at school (no fun), warmer weather (some days), and Easter. Easter was SOOO much fun this year! Everly was able to run and look for hidden eggs; she would point and say, "Wow!" as she grabbed an egg and put it in her Paw Patrol Skye basket. It was so cute. I loved every minute of it, and soaked it all in. The look of pure excitement in her eyes as she found an Easter egg or looked in her Easter baskets was worth more than anything material I could have been given. If only we all saw the world through the eyes of a child still.

And then before we knew it, May had found it's way to us. We were in major planning mode. Every turned 2 on May 11. It was such a special day...not only was it her birthday, but it was the day before Mother's Day and her birthday happened to fall on National Birthmother's Day (which is always the Saturday before Mother's Day). I always spend time thinking about Everly's first momma and family, especially on her birthday, but this year it hit me even harder than it did last year. I think it hit me harder for several reasons; it was also actually Birthmother's day and the day before Mother's Day, she is growing and changing so much, and because I am always emotional during this time of year. I still struggle with Mother's Day since I lost my first soul dog and family pup on Mother's Day twelve years ago, and just two years ago, I lost Stormy the day after Mother's Day. Tomorrow it will mark two years since I held my boy and told him I loved him more than life one last time. The tears are streaming down my face effortlessly now. It never fails...the tears find me anytime I think about that day. In some ways it feels like he was just here with me, and in other ways it feels like decades since I've heard his perfect bark or looked into his blue-tan eyes. God, I miss him. The pain and grief don't leave. After he died, I felt like a vase that had been shattered on the floor and painstakingly glued back together again. That vase will never be the will always have chips and scratches and will never be completely whole again. That's me, but really that's everybody I guess. Life happens and we live, let go, and change. Maybe we are never meant to be "perfect" or "fixed" or the "same as before." I don't know where I am going with just hurts it is also so beautiful at times.

Not to change the subject, but I really need to change the subject, I mentioned above, Everly has changed so much over the last year. She is running and playing and loving life. She is talking up a storm (finally) and trying harder than ever to communicate everything she wants to us. She gets frustrated sometimes when she cannot tell us exactly what she wants, and the terrible two tantrums have begun, but overall, she has the best personality. She can throw fit with the best of them, but she is so easy-going as well. It is so hard to explain. She loves playing with her cousin, Jack, and any other little kids she comes into contact with. We love watching her interact with kids. At her party, she had a blast. She actually cried when the last guests and kids left. I felt so awful watching her cry. Speaking of her party, we rented a "unicorn;" we were thinking she would be afraid, but she LOVED riding the pony and she kept petting her mane and face. It was the best experience for all of us! It was truly a memorable time. There may be a pony in her and our future.

Everly has also developed a love for playing with stuffed animals and dolls like she is mothering must be something we all have in us. She will lay the animal or doll down and cover it up with her blanket and then look at me and say, "shh" with her finger up to her lips. I melt at the cuteness. She has found a love for puddles and being outside playing, which is also a love her momma shares. And she still loves watching Secret Life of Pets and now The Lion King. So we are going to try to take her to see Secret Life of Pets 2 in June for her first movie theater experience. We will see how long she lasts. She likes to keep moving, so it could be interesting.

Another amazing part of our adoption journey has been meeting (through social media) some pretty amazing families who have adopted from Japan through the same agency we used. One such family I have mentioned before in early blog posts. They brought home a daughter almost exactly the same time we brought home our girl. They are only two months different in age and we had the amazing opportunity to meet in person a few weeks ago. It was so surreal and one of the most amazing experiences of this journey. The kids getting to meet and play is something I will always remember and cherish. I have included a photo of the girls coloring together below. That photo speaks volumes to anyone who has any experience with adoption. I hope our families will keep this up and maybe every year we can get the girls together.

As if I am not busy enough, I have started a little side hobby/business of making and selling faux leather hair bows for kids and toddlers. It's not exactly booming, but it's fun. Maybe it will take off and maybe it won't. If and when I make a profit, I will use it to pay off our adoption loans and put the rest up for Everly's college fund that we have started.

Two weeks from tomorrow will be our last teacher workday and we will be home sleeping in and staying up late. Enjoying the warm weather and having adventures together. I am so ready to rejuvenate and re-energize for next school year. I love my job and the people I work with, but having the summers off with my family is the best! So until next time, here are a few photos. Next time I write, we will be enjoying summer break!

Some of the bows I made...


Everly and Miko...

Two is Magical!

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