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Finding Joy

It is week 31...exactly one month to the day that my family went into quarantine. Are some days hard? Yep, they are. Are some days easier. Of course. But I have made a point to find joy every single day, no matter what.

As Rachel Hollis says, you are in control of your effort and your attitude. I wake up every single day and look for gratitude. Maybe the sun is shining. Maybe it’s 65 degrees outside. Maybe Everly learned a new letter or number. Maybe we tried a new recipe and it was amazing. No matter what life throws our way, I’m focusing on gratitude and joy. It took me a long time to get to this place, and some days are harder than others, but I try and I’ll keep trying to be the very best version of myself every single day. I owe it to my daughter, to Vince, to the rest of my family and friends, and to myself. If you focus on the joyful moments, the days don’t seem so long or as scary.

That brings me to Easter. I was so bummed knowing I wouldn’t get to see my extended family this year. Time is so fleeting; these are moments we can’t get back. But choosing joy, we focused on what we could control, and that was our attitude. So we went to visit my parents and had an Easter egg hunt outside on Saturday, and then went to Vince’s mom’s house and did the same on Sunday. We practiced social distancing and still made memories. We hope you all made the most of your holiday and still made memories you’ll never forget.

In closing, remember to look for joy. Look for things to be grateful for. Even if we are in a quarantine. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay joyful.

Love, Ashley

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