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Three Magical Fun-Filled Years

How is it possible??? Somebody please tell me how our sweet, chunky, crazy-haired baby is now a sassy, independent, strong-willed three year old. I truly cannot wrap my head around it. On one hand, I LOVE watching her grow and change, but on the other, I miss my tiny baby girl. I wish someone would finally figure out the whole slowing time down thing.

So turning three during a pandemic was not fun for this mama. Anyone who knows me, knows how badly I love to celebrate my girl big. I silently promised her first mama in a hotel room in Tokyo late at night that I would celebrate the hell out of our “beautiful moon.” I spend every day of my life thanking everything above me for her, even on the hard days when I lock myself in the bathroom to eat a cookie and read a book. I had her party all planned out and bought a special dress. It was an ice cream theme since this girl loves her ice cream. But it is what it is, and if that’s all I have to complain about during a global pandemic, then I consider myself blessed.

What did we do? We made the most of it. My mom made her a homemade cake that was super cool. We visited my mom

and dad and Vince’s mom too. We’ve all been on strict quarantine and with things starting to open up, we thought it would be okay.

Everly LOVED her cake and all her presents. Our girl had a blast and for that, I am thankful. We’ve spent this week playing with all our new gifts and eating all the cake. Our girl is so loved, and I know she feels it.

Until next time, here’s a few pics of her big day and her gifts.

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